A biography of carl siegel a scientist

Biography[ edit ] Siegel was born in Berlinwhere he enrolled at the Humboldt University in Berlin in as a student in mathematicsastronomyand physics. Amongst his teachers were Max Planck and Ferdinand Georg Frobeniuswhose influence made the young Siegel abandon astronomy and turn towards number theory instead.

A biography of carl siegel a scientist

History Carl Friedrich Gauss: The German scientist and mathematician Gauss is frequently he was called the founder of modern mathematics. His work is astronomy and physics is nearly as significant as that in mathematics. Gauss was born on April 30, in Brunswick now it is Western Germany.

Many biographists think that he got his good health from his father. Gauss said about himself that, he could count before he can talk. When Gauss was 7 years old he went to school. In the third grade students came when they were years old, so teacher should work with students of different ages.

Because of it he gave to half of students long problems to count, so he in that time could teach other half. One day he gave half of students, Gauss was in this half, to add all natural numbers from 1 to From that day Gauss was popular in the whole school.

But it is often pointed out that at first Gauss was undecided whether he should become a mathematician or a philologist. The reason for this indecision was probably that humanists at that time had a better economic future than scientists.

Gauss first became completely certain of his choice of studies when he discovered the construction of the regular sided polygon with ruler and compass; that is to say, after his first year at the university.

There are several reasons to support the assertion that Gauss hesitated in his choice of a career. But his matriculation as a student of mathematics does not point toward philology, and probably Gauss had already made his decision when he arrived at Gottingen.

He wrote in that it was noteworthy how number theory arouses a special passion among everyone who has seriously studied it at some time, and, as we have seen, he had found new results in this and other areas of mathematics while he was still at Collegium Carolinum.

A biography of carl siegel a scientist

Gauss made great discoveries in many fields of math. He gave the proof of the fundamental theorem of algebra: He developed the theory of some important special functions, in particular, the theory of the hypergeometric function. This function plays significant role in modern mathematical physics.

Gauss discovered the method of so-called least squares. It is a method of obtaining the best possible average value for a measured magnitude, for many observations of the magnitude.

The other part of mathematics that also has close connections to Gauss, is the theory of complex numbers. Gauss gave a very important geometric interpretation of a complex number as a point in the plane. Besides pure mathemaics, Gauss made very important contributions in astronomy, geodesy and other applied disciplines.

For example, he predicted the location of some sky bodies. In Gauss had met Johanna Osthoff, the daughter of a tannery owner in Braunschweig. She was born in and was an only child. They were married on October 9, They were lived on in Braunschweig for a time, in the house which Gauss had occupied as a bachelor.

On August 21,his first son Joseph was born. He received his name after Peazzi, the discoverer of Ceres. On February 29, a daughter followed, and gauss jokingly complained that she would only have a birthday every fourth year. As a mark of respect to Olbers she was christened Wilhelmina. The third child, a son, born on september 10,was named Ludwig, after Harding, but was called Louis.

After a difficult third delivery, Johanna died on October 11, Louis died suddenly on March 1, Gauss married her on August 4, Two sons and a daughter were born in the new marriage, Eugene on July 29,Wilhelm on October 23,and Therese on June 9, Dr.

Augustin Siegel served as Senior Vice President of Corporate Research and Technology of Carl-Zeiss-Stiftung., and Carl Zeiss AG. Dr. Siegel serves as Member of Advisory Board at Fraunhofer. Zachary Siegel is a freelance journalist specializing in science, health and drug policy.

His reporting has also appeared in Slate, The Daily Beast, Salon, Huffington Post, among timberdesignmag.com writes often about addiction, sometimes drawing from his own experience.

Carl Sagan at M.I.T. Carl Sagan was born in in Brooklyn, New York. Sagan had a childhood interest in astronomy that never disappeared and influenced him later in life. Carl-Johan Forssén Ehrlin is a behavioral scientist with a bachelor’s degree in psychology and teaches communications at a Swedish university.

He is also a life coach and leadership trainer. Carl-Johan has combined all these skills and experiences in developing the techniques in this book. Carl Sagan - Scientist, Academic, Astronomer - Biography Carl Sagan was born on November 9, , in Brooklyn, New York, the first of two children.

Sagan’s interest in astronomy began early on, and when he was five his mother sent him to the library. Carl Ludwig Siegel: biography December 31, - April 4, Carl Ludwig Siegel (December 31, – April 4, ) was a German mathematician specialising in number theory and celestial mechanics.

A biography of carl siegel a scientist
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