Alabamas natural and historical attractions essay

Indians, until of late, were the sole occupants of the Evergladesa flat, marshy, lake-like district, in the central and southern part of Florida. As early asthe national government were urged to remove the Creeks, who had fled into this territory and incorporated themselves with the Seminoles. Difficulties continuing with the Indians, a treaty was made inat Payne's Landing, in which a large number agreed to remove west of the Mississippi. A part of the Seminoles, considering the treaty as unfair, refused to remove.

Alabamas natural and historical attractions essay

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Bob Corker explained that he was making a bet on the enterprising spirit of America. In other words, despite the fact that he promised not to vote for a bill that will add to the deficit, and despite the fact that this bill will certainly do so, Corker is hoping that all the projections are wrong and that other factors, like deregulatory actions and changes in trade and immigration policy will help make up the difference.

This doesnt undo the fact that Corker is breaking a promise, nor does it convincingly explain why hes abandoned his former position which was based on principle. Nothing in the tax bill the conference committee produced would directly overcome the objections that led Corker to oppose the original Senate bill, but one thing that was added at the last second would benefit Corker directly.

Like Trump, Corker made his career in real estate, and a new provision of the tax bill would vastly reduce Trump and Corkers tax liabilities: In the page text was a new provision that was not in the House or Senate legislation.


It would specifically benefit real estate investors who operate pass-through businesses. This group includes President Trump and also Bob Corker, who has millions of dollars of ownership stakes in real-estate related LLCs that could also benefit from the new provision.

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The savings to Corker could be substantial, according to the Center for Economic and Policy Research. In other words, these voters would narrowly prefer that the Republicans retain control of Congress. This is pretty much where the happy news ends, however.

On the congressional question, the GOP is in a deep hole overall. Fifty percent of registered voters say they prefer a Democratic-controlled Congress, versus 39 percent who want Republicans in charge.

This past October, Democrats had a 7-point advantage on congressional preference, 48 percent to 41 percent.

Alabamas natural and historical attractions essay

In this most recent poll, Democrats hold a whopping point lead in congressional preference among voters ages 69 percent to 21 percenta point lead among female voters 54 percent to 34 percent and a point lead among independent voters 43 percent to 31 percent.

Theres one other piece of bad news for Trump and the Republicans. The Democrats are showing more interest in the midterms If thats true, hes also unlikely to be closing in on a real obstruction-of-justice case.

In other words, the best bet right now is that, after catching up people guilty of various, extraneous crimes, the Mueller investigation will leave President Trump relatively untouched.

Thats only a paragraph long but its chock full of strange logic. He doesnt provide any supporting evidence for his supposition that Mueller isnt closing in on a collusion conspiracy.

Just for one example, Lowry doesnt attempt to predict what Michael Flynn is providing that is so valuable that hes so far escaping charges where Mueller has him dead to rights. But were asked to go along with this, and then to assume that it logically follows that if there is no conspiracy proven then it is unlikely that any obstruction of justice case will be proven.

Lowry should consult Scooter Libby on the soundness of this argument. So, Lowry makes the case that it looks like Trump will be untouched by the investigation based on basically nothing we can rely on. And then he realizes that something else hes seeing doesnt make sense in light of this prediction: This is a result of the disturbing evidence of political bias of top FBI agents and prosecutors, we editorialized about this Thursday but is completely at odds with point 1.

Lowry doesnt ruminate about the timing of this coordinated momentum for firing Robert Mueller or accept that it could be happening now precisely because Mueller is closing in on a conspiracy charge.

He doesnt wonder whether it could be Donald Jr. For him, its a complete mystery why the Trump team would be launching a massive attack on the investigation, and its particularly dumbfounding if Trump is on the verge of being cleared.tededucation Have you read "A Wrinkle in Time"?

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JSTOR is a digital library of academic journals, books, and primary sources. Throughout Alabama, the legacy of Martin Luther King endures on the numerous streets, highways, schools, and memorials named in his honor. King's birthday is a national holiday, and each January his life and work are celebrated and remembered by individuals, organizations, and churches.

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Essay about Alabama's Natural and Historical Attractions. Length: words ( double-spaced pages) Rating: Better Essays. Open Document.

Essay Preview. Located in the heart of the Deep South region of the United States, Alabama is one of the most interesting states to visit in the country. With miles of sandy beaches along its southern .

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