An introduction to the new york new music ensemble

In LPR changed the classical music landscape, creating a new, accessible environment in which to experience art music, and in doing so expanded classical and new music listenership. The group has worked with esteemed classical musicians, conductors, and composers, including Lara St.

An introduction to the new york new music ensemble

I immediately came up with a list of suggestions and am thrilled to share a little bit about Adam. From the concert stage, to the marching band, organizing music retreats, to teaching in NYC, he is extraordinary well-versed and comfortable in any setting. Thanks Adam for taking time out of your schedule to spend a moment with me and giving your time to the New York PAS community.

When did you start playing percussion instruments and who inspired you? I first started playing percussion in the first grade. I started on the practice pad with stick control, playing long buzz rolls and holding down the percussion parts in the school band.

Within a few years I started playing drum set with my teacher at the time. I thought playing hip-hop beats on the drum set was the coolest thing in the world. Around 4th grade, I made my first trip to Lebanon to connect with my family there. While there, I had my first exposure to hand percussion playing the Lebanese Derbekke otherwise known as the Doumbek.

I loved to play it and it felt really natural to play this type of instrument. I didn't think twice about it and little did I know that this early exposure would shape my musical and professional interests into who I am today.

An introduction to the new york new music ensemble

One of my great initial teachers, Rick Dior Based in Charlotte, NC always stressed diversity as an essential element for a working percussionist. From an early age I was regularly practicing orchestral rep, marimba solos, drum set and hand percussion and regularly working towards an auditions or competitions.

I would say that I apply that diversity in the many realms of hand percussion, and focusing my attention on refining the stylistic details. As a performer, you have a diverse set of skills.

I've seen you on the kit, concert percussion instruments, a plethora of world instruments, and even Cello! Tell us a little about how you came to be fluent in so many different musical styles.

Cello has always been an essential part of my musical being. I began practicing cello at the age of 5, and continued intensely until attending the Eastman School of Music for undergraduate percussion studies.

While attending Eastman, I thought that my time as a cellist was over, and that it wouldn't be feasible to maintain this instrument in my arsenal.

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But after graduation, and in combination with a developing interest in melodic composition and studio recording, I figured it only made sense to continue playing rather than ignore this major skill I had developed over many years.

These influences are culminating in my compositional and arranging ability as well. Balancing all of these elements must be challenging.

What is you secret? It is absolutely a challenge to balance different instruments. Beyond initial interest, it takes a great deal of commitment to make progress on one given instrument.

The best advice I can give is first, apply your musicality and technicality to whichever instrument you are interested in learning, next, go with humility to the master of the style or instrument you want to learn, lastly, practice hard!The New York New Music Ensemble is an American contemporary music Pierrot ensemble.

Since , the group has commissioned, performed and . About the Ensemble. Director: Dr. Anne Rasmussen Established in , the Middle Eastern Music Ensemble welcomes students, faculty, and community musicians who are interested in exploring the styles and repertoires of Arab, Turkish, Persian, Armenian, and Greek musical traditions that comprise the music of the Middle Eastern.

Ya-Fei Chuang is a frequent duo partner with Steven Isserlis and Robert Levin, and has appeared at the International Music Sessions in Prussia Cove, England, with the New York Philomusica, and frequently with the Spectrum Ensemble Berlin. The Washington Square Music Festival is made possible with public funding through Councilmember Margaret Chin and The New York City Department of Cultural Affairs and New York State Council on the Arts with the support of Governor Andrew M.

Cuomo and the New York State Legislature. The debut album, In Time, from New York City-based group Akshara Music Ensemble, reaches deep into World Music by combining many different styles, like Jazz, Classical, and South Indian percussion.

The Music Department is in historic Shepard Hall, at the corner of th Street and Convent Avenue, between Amsterdam Avenue and St. Nicholas Terrace. City College is also close to the George Washington Bridge and is an easy commute from New Jersey, as well as Connecticut and up-state New York.

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