Asad ka nmn sana

As was indicated in an introductory note to the original publication of the earliest of these studies, my intention from the beginning was to investigate the relationship of SOlne of the dominant ideas of early Islam to their pre-Islamic background.

Asad ka nmn sana

T HE material for the name list here published formed the tasis of my dissertation "Die Personennamen in den Urkunden der Hammurabi-Dynastie," published in Munich, summer of A considerable portion of the two years that have since elapsed has been devoted to a thorough reinvestigation of all the material, and this has resulted in a number of corrections in the readings as well as in the intelrpretation of some of the names.

At the same time the material has been restricted: This enables us to discuss the problelm, involved wtith mrore certainty.

Names taken from undated docurlents w-hich, however, for palaogr'aphical and other reaasons, belon, to tlie period of the first dynasty of Babylon, have been used for comparison in the notes referring to the name-elerments.

Concerning 21 undated, but distinctly datable, texts see Introduction, p. IDuring thie course of my woork it became nore and moresdesirable to collate a nulmber of tnasnes froml the originals, whenever the copies seemed doubtful, and when, on the basis of parallel passages, I hoped to determine the h character belter, or to see more than the first editor had seen.

This collation was made during July and August of It gives mle great pleasure publicly to extend my warmest thanks to l r. Wallis Budge and I'rof.

Material Information

Friedrich Dclitzsch, the Curators of the Babylonian Collections in the British and Berlin Mluseurms, for their great kindness in facilitating this work. About tablets -were collated in London and about 40 in Berlin, whereby a considerable number of corrections was gained.

I have for the first time tried to give the translation of the names wherever it seemed possible, rmnking it a rule, however, to translate only names which I consider as unabbreviated.

Some of these translations arc provisional alld will be gladly set aside as soon as better ones are offered. But it has seemed advisable to give sometimes doubtful tranislations by way of suggestion, that, perhaps, other Assyriologists may be led to a right conclusion.

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In spite of all efforts to interpret the different nammes I have had to leave a considerable numbler unexplained. To these I desire to call the special attention of Assyriologists. I have reserved the first line of each name in the name list for the name itself and its explanation.

In case the latter is not offered, space has been left for a future translation or comparison, etc. In conclusion, I wish to express my sincere thanks to all those who have taken an interest in lmy work during the course of its preparation.

ITonmecl, under whom I began this work, and to whom I submit this volumre as a small token of sincere friendship and gratitude, I extend mly most helatfelt thanks to my friends, Professor Allbet T.

Clay, of this University, and Dr. Enno Littmarnn, of Princeton University, for their constant encouragement as well as for valuable advice and various suggestions.

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Professor Clay has been kilnd enough to place at my disposal his extentdedl collectionls of Babyvilonian personal names, and particularly the namre Index of his most interesting volume on Adlministrative Archires from the 'Temple Library of Nippur at the Time of the Cassile Riulers, now relady for the press.

The names occurring in this volune Ihave been referred to, for brevity, as "Cassitc" inames. Some eomlparisons which he suggested have ibeen indicated by the letters "E.

Asad ka nmn sana

To thie editor I owe several suggestions, most. Leopold Messerschlnlidt, assistant in the "Vorderasiatische Abteillng dler Koniiylichcn. Mztscen,"' in Berlin, whlo with unceatsing kindness collalted i for Ie additional passlages of thle Berlin texts; antd to Professor Morris Jastrow, Jr.

Additiontil material and suggestions from the editore's pen will lbe found throughout the name list, enclosed in squalre brackets nd idesignated bIy the letters " Ed.

Asad ka nmn sana

Finally, lmy thanks are due to thle Provost of the University of l'ennlsylvania, D r. Ecklcy Birinton Coxe, Jr.

My friendl, 1 r.The above documentation is transcluded from Module:Sandbox/trappist the monk/airports convert/data/doc. (edit | history)Editors can experiment in this module's sandbox (create | mirror) and testcases pages.

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