Background analysis of padini

The latest product of PADINI - Seed, use the product differentiation in term of design to put the merchandise occupies in the consumers' minds.

Background analysis of padini

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Incorporated in as proprietorship under the trade name Hwayo Garments Manufacturers Company, Padini was initially engaged in the manufacture and wholesale of ladies wear.

InPadini discarded its role as wholesaler to take up the role of consignor. The company has nine labels in its family of brands and retail in freestanding stores, franchised outlets and consignment counters in Malaysia and around the world. Tizio was introduced to the public with the opening of its first outlet in Mid Valley Megamall in Nov and subsequently in Paradigm Mall on 23 May The Main and Second Boards merged on 3 August Its main purpose is to promote Malaysia as a "value for Background analysis of padini shopping destination".

This aggressive approach attracts the tourist to shop at the local apparel outlets, which in turn would increase foreign tourist spending and increases our country's foreign exchange earnings.

This would also encourage the Malaysians to shop locally, which would benefit Padini Holdings Bhd in terms of their sales.

Padini Holdings Berhad

This has created an opportunity for the domestic companies. However the side effect of such activities would stimulate the domestic economy and increases the number of competitors in the domestic market.

Nevertheless, Padini Holdings would still stand out as market leader. Padini should be able to realize on the growing of Malaysian affluent as many can afford to purchase higher priced items besides the value products that the group offers.

The incremental of wealthy and thriving consumer base has allowed brands such as Padini, Padini Authentic and Seed to obtain higher revenue. The highest growth was during the period of March to September which increases from —7, 8 to 5. The economic growth is expected to be due to the domestic market with growth in the private sector.

The government also subsequently launched a national campaign on wise spending, with the aim to educate consumers on the importance of domestic demand on the GDP growth and economic recovery as a whole.

Padini Holdings Berhad

Middle income households defined as those earning between RM1, and RM3, per month, and has increased from The low-income group, categorized by household income of up to RM1, per month, spends a proportion of this amount on food.

Meanwhile, the high and middle income households spend most of their money at hypermarkets. Malaysia's consumers' lifestyle has been changing for the better due to the rise in education levels.

The Malaysian's life leisure life revolves around trendy shopping malls. Therefore Padini Holdings Bhd has to be more update with the latest trends.

They have to advertise and keep the consumers informed and reminded that they still exist and provide the customers with quality and trendy clothes. It can make customers' life more convenient as they do not need to get their house to go purchase a product in the hypermarket and making the purchase at the comfort of their own home.

Furthermore, retailers can also sell their products to the overseas market without the need to open a physical store in the foreign country. This helps Padini Holdings to earn more profit using online intermediaries and cut costs by not establishing new stores in certain areas.Background of Padini Holdings Berhad.

Padini Holdings Berhad is a Malaysia-based investment holding company that sells both mens’ and ladies’ shoes and accessories, garments, ancillary products, children’s garments, maternity wear and accessories where goods are .

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PADINI started to operate its company in Malaysia’s apparel industry, manufacturing, trading and supplying garments to order for retailers and distributors. The PADINI Concept Store is a concept store that selling all PADINI Holdings brands in one store or “one stop shopping”.

is Padini Holdings Bhd (Padini) and write a report on the following topics which includes background, analysis of the marketing environment, SWOT analysis, segmentation, targeting and positioning, marketing mix and recommendations of Padini.

1 Current Situation Organisational Background Padini was found in as Hwayo Garments Manufacturers Company. It is incorporated in manufactures and wholesaling. The flagship brand Padini was occurred in when it entered the retail industry%(6).

The appendix contains the Corporate Structure of Padini Holdings Berhad for the financial year ended 30 June Padini currently is holding 10 distinct brands which consist of Padini, Padini Authentics, PDI, Seed, Vincci, Vincci+, Vincci Accessories, P&Co, Tizio and Miki Kids%(6).

Wiki-padini Padini Holdings Berhad (MYX: ) is a Malaysia-based investment holding company. The company sells both men's and ladies’ shoes and accessories, garments, ancillary products, children’s garments, maternity wear and accessories through various subsidiaries.

Background analysis of padini
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