Bbc india business report supriya menon pictures

Supriya Menon Wife of Actor Prithviraj: Lakshmi Ramdas Member Level: Much to the disappointment of female fans of the heartthrob Prithviraj Sukumaran, the actor has 'secretly' married a very smart and intellectual TV news reporter, Supriya Menon on April 25th

Bbc india business report supriya menon pictures

I need money and a government that's willing to promote small entrepreneurs like me Jagadish Kumar And with every new cut he inches closer to achieving his ambitions.

Mr Kumar is hungry for more success and wants to expand. He wants to buy new machines and take on more staff.

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The problem he faces is that he cannot do it alone and wants help from his government. He is not alone. There are millions of young entrepreneurs like him across India. Success or failure In fact, today half the country is under the age of 25, and it is this age group that India's main political parties have been trying to woo.

The general election is expected to be close, and there is a feeling that young India, and businesspeople such as Jagadish, could prove to be the difference between success and failure. For all the political infighting, the calls for change and accusations of incompetence that are being traded by the main parties, one theme has stood out, and that is the state of the economy.

If anything it is the young who are most worried about what the future holds. Jagadish is a first time voter and is clear about what he wants from any new government. He argues that the thorny issue of unemployment would be much less serious if the government encouraged more people to set up their own firms.

In its bright, airy and remarkably clean halls and classrooms, the future chief executives and industrialists of India Inc are being trained.

bbc india business report supriya menon pictures

ISB is home to more than students and almost all of them have left well-paid jobs in order to study. When they gather in-between classes there are several issues that take centre stage. Most of the students have only seen India's boom times One student, a former banker with Bear Stearns, says he would hate to see the government turn protectionist or increase the need for paperwork and licences.

Another student wants to set up his own textile factory and hopes the government will do more for small and medium-sized enterprises rather than only focussing on the big corporations.

What is clear when you hear the students talk is that they are ambitious, driven and fiercely competitive. They want to be part of an India that is as successful and international as they are.

Most of them have only seen the boom times in India's history and are used to being part of a nation that has quickly risen up the global pecking order. Smartest graduates One of the industries that has helped put India on the global map is the information technology IT sector: And while you would expect the people working in the industry to have a certain amount of swagger, they are more than a little bit worried about the outlook for their business.

App Labs is a software solutions company in Hyderabad that has the hip, informal atmosphere of its US rivals. There are ping-pong and pool tables to help the staff relax.

Talk to them a little and you realise they need to let off a little steam in the current climate. They are concerned that a more protectionist US will lead to a decline in the number of companies coming to India for software solutions, and they are worried about the continuing parlous state of the world economy.

What makes it tougher for this generation of young Indians is that the last few years have been a big party. They have had good jobs, pay rises and the sense that you can make it big in India. But the global economic crisis has changed all that, and the worry they have is that the good times might be about to come a sudden and unwelcome halt.

For them, this election is less about party politics and more about making sure their careers, and India's economy, can continue their rapid rise.Currently the Managing Director of HOOQ Digital (India) Pvt.

Ltd. India, (A joint venture between Singtel, Warner Brothers and Sony Pictures), he is leading India business for this new venture in OTT or Video on demand space.

The period immediately following Indian independence was a traumatic time for India and her armed services. Along with the newly independent India, the Indian Armed Forces were forcibly divided between India and Pakistan, with ships, divisions and aircraft allocated to the respective Dominions.

Apr 25,  · Tamil and Malayalam film actor Prithviraj tied the knot to Supriya Menon on Monday, April 25, at Thenkurissi Heritage Villa, Palakkad, India.

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