Gay marriage and divorce

The prenuptial agreement provided that, upon divorce, each party would retain his or her premarital assets and any appreciation of those assets. Both parties had independent sources of income from family inheritances and they maintained separate finances throughout the marriage. The parties were married for 23 years.

Gay marriage and divorce

Gay marriage and divorce

In Support of Divorce Equality November 3, by Robin 19 Comments In case you live under a rock with some kind of force-field blocking news of fauxlebrity misadventures, Kim Kardashian filed for divorce on Monday, 72 days into her marriage.

But truthfully, I hate this meme.

Gay marriage and divorce

I do not think gay marriage should be legal because committed gay couples are morally superior to capricious celebrity nuptials. Gay marriage should be legal because marriage is a human right.

Another thing I think is a human right? Divorce or at least the availability of divorce is a good thing, people. Please do not take divorce for granted. My hope and expectation is that my marriage will last the rest of my life; but I am tremendously grateful that thanks in large part to my feminist foremothers I have the right to get out of this marriage some way other than death if the need for that arises.

Gay Divorce Rate Skyrocketed After Gay Marriage Legalization

And I am grateful that my mother was able to divorce her first husband and marry my father. Divorce saves lives, and saves people from lives of misery. But the extremely short duration of her marriage is only the second biggest clue, after her being Kim Freaking Kardashian.

And really, what do I know? There are situations in which a marriage should be ended after only a few months.

No, the internet does not need that. If the price for that is frivolous gay celebrity marriages of limited tenure, well, uh, is that really a price at all? I know it will help me pass the time at the supermarket checkout.campaigning against divorce is a lost cause, i'm afraid this has already happened in certain areas with gay marriage as well.

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Abortion however, isn't, clinics do close, people do change, and the moral perils are apparent enough that there's even pro life atheists to an extent. Gay Marriage Divorce Rate Take Massachusetts as an example. This state was the first to allow same sex marriages and it is also the state that has the lowest overall divorce rate.

Detailed marriage and divorce tables by state A Demographic, Attitudinal, and Behavioral Profile of Cohabiting Adults in the United States, – [PDF – KB] Urban and Rural Variation in Fertility-Related Behavior Among U.S.

Women, – Nov 18,  · Is gay divorce legal in Texas? The Texas Supreme Court is currently deciding this question, the Associated Press reports.. On Tuesday, the state's High Court heard arguments regarding the issue of gay divorce and whether or not the state could grant divorces to gay couples who were legally married in other states.

Same-Sex Divorce: Another Reason for Marriage Equality Gay rights have come a long way, but some couples still face hurdles to equality. Here, one woman’s story. City Hall wooed a gay Polish couple to Manhattan to marry them when their own country wouldn’t, then later balked at granting them a divorce — arguing they weren’t Big Apple “residents!’’.

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