Leadership within the military

Pittman served as an infantry company commander in the U.

Leadership within the military

Compton, Bush became the first dean of engineering. It was a position he used as a bully pulpit to shape the role of the engineer in society.

For both Bush and… The term military-industrial complex was first used by U. Eisenhower in his Farewell Address on January 17, Although Eisenhower is credited with the phrase and many scholars regarded the phenomenon as new, elements of the domestic and international military-industrial complex predate his landmark address.

Military forces have been funded overwhelmingly by national governments, which historically have been the target of lobbying efforts by bureaucrats in military-related ministries, by legislators from districts containing military bases or major military manufacturing plants, and by representatives of private firms involved in the production of weapons and munitions.

For example, legislators who receive campaign contributions from military firms may vote to award funding to projects in which the firms are involved, and military firms may hire former defense-ministry officials as lobbyists.

In the United States, for example, weapons production shifted from publicly owned companies to private firms during the first half of the 20th century. In Francehowever, the national government continues to own and manage most military-related enterprises.

Although in most cases the military-industrial complex operates within a single country, in some cases, such as that of the European Unionit is international in scope, producing weapons systems that involve the military firms of several different countries.

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Despite such differences, the military-industrial complex in most economically advanced countries tends to have several characteristic features: Because of the technological complexity of modern weapons and the preference in most countries for domestic suppliers, there is little competition in most military markets.

The military services must ensure that their suppliers remain financially viable in the United States and the United Kingdom this has entailed guaranteeing the profits of private firmsand suppliers attempt to ensure that public spending for their products does not decline. The term military-industrial complex can also refer to the physical location of military production.

Military spending creates spatial concentrations of prime contractors, subcontractors, consultants, universities, skilled workers, and government installations, all of which are devoted to research and development on, or the manufacture of, military systems and technologies.

Examples include the aerospace complex in southern California, the shipbuilding complex on the southern coast of South Koreaand the isolated military research complex of Akademgorodok in Siberia. National governments often created such complexes in locations without a history of industrial production by underwriting massive migrations of skilled labour, and the areas came to resemble company towns that provided not only jobs but also housing, health care, and schools to workers and their families.

The need to preserve this infrastructure can contribute to political pressure to maintain or increase military spending. Indeed, sometimes governments have chosen to continue funding weapons systems that branches of the military have deemed obsolete, in order to preserve the communities that are economically dependent on their production e.

The collapse of the Soviet Union and the end of the Cold War in reduced, at least momentarily, the influence of the military-industrial complex in many countries, particularly the United States and Russia.

However, in part because of rising military involvement in the Middle East and concerns about terrorismit remains a potent political force in both the United States and Russia, as well as throughout the world.Nov 20,  · Authority is the legitimate power of leaders to direct soldiers or to take action within the scope of their position.

Military authority begins with the Constitution, which divides it between Congress and the President. List of senior leaders at the Department. Bellevue University’s in-class or online Leadership Degree prepares you to effectively lead people and meet leadership challenges in interpersonal, group, and organizational settings.

Develop your own leadership style while learning about leadership theories and the real-life application of leadership . June 11 Timeless Principles of Leadership (US Army ) by Tom Deierlein.

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Back in the summer of when I first entered West Point, there were many pieces of "knowledge" that the New Cadets (incoming freshman or plebes) were required to learn and be able to repeat verbatim on demand to any upper classmen that inquired.

Tie selflessness with the adaptive capacity, innovation, and flexibility demanded by dangerous contexts, and one can see the value of military leadership as a model for leaders in the private sector. Military officers and enlisted servicemen and women step into a leadership role on day one of their military career.

These men and women freely give their life to defend the U.S.

Leadership within the military

Constitution from all enemies foreign and domestic.

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