Life in a wheelchair essay

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Life in a wheelchair essay

I believed that every higher education institution was wheelchair accessible after all, I was certainly not the first wheelchair user to go to collegeand so I applied to colleges as if I were able-bodied.

This, I quickly found out, was a mistake. I applied to eight institutions but only had the time and resources to visit two, one of which was a large research university.

The visit was a disaster. Multiple entrances to the main campus included staircases, and I had to circle around the campus before I found a flat entrance.

Once I made it to the main campus, I wheeled over an unstable wooden plank placed over a short staircase. This, a tour guide explained, was a ramp. I needed to use an elevator to get to another part of the campus, which was fine, except that the elevator was locked and campus security had the key.

I pressed a button calling for security that was located by the elevator and waited about 15 minutes before a security guard who was doing his rounds showed up.

He said the button I had been pressing was broken. Later during that visit, I noticed an elevator to get into one of the libraries, but it was too small for my wheelchair. As his chair bounced and jostled along the dangerously uneven surface, I wondered if I could withdraw my application and get a refund on the application fee.

Besides, the lack of concern for my needs made me feel unwelcome. Physical space and a well-functioning Life in a wheelchair essay on a campus cannot be overlooked, especially when one has a disability.

Although institutions of higher education are legally required to accommodate students with disabilities, in practice much of the responsibility for finding proper accommodations falls on the students themselves.

For example, how accessible is the campus, and what are the rules with regard to relocating courses in inaccessible buildings? While this advice is useful, it also presupposes that not all colleges and universities can provide sufficient accommodations for students with disabilities.

College administrations can get away with shirking their responsibilities because the legal requirements are so vaguely worded. The Americans With Disabilities Act has been around for over 25 years, and one would think that this law would prevent any roadblocks that students with disabilities face in their quest for higher education.

The disability services office at the second institution I visited assured me that a wheelchair-accessible dorm room was available, and they were more than happy to show me a room. But the room was small and could not have fit my physical therapy equipment which I use regularly to prevent blood clots, muscle atrophy and pressure sores -- some of which could result in hospitalization.

It was also in a building at the bottom of a steep hill. Disability services said that this was because there was also a food court at the bottom of the hill -- but the main library, classroom buildings and another food court were at the top.

Life in a wheelchair essay

To the administration, this room, with its accessible bathroom and location within an accessible building that was near food, was a reasonable accommodation. But for a wheelchair-using student who also has to get to the library and to class, it was anything but.

Life in a wheelchair essay

Two unsuccessful campus visits later, it was obvious that I would have to vet both campuses and disability services offices before I committed to attend a college or university. If campus disability services and I disagreed on what constituted a reasonable accommodation before enrollment, then that did not bode well for the following four years.

Further, I needed to know that the disability services office was going to work with other administrative bodies and the faculty. InInside Higher Ed reported that ignorance among faculty and staff members at certain colleges and universities made it difficult for students with disabilities to receive accommodations.

Moreover, some students with invisible disabilities like bipolar disorder anticipated so much resistance that they were uncomfortable even disclosing that they needed assistance.

A day in a wheelchair free essay, term paper and book report

When students receive little administrative help, they must advocate for themselves in order to make college achievable. A Rutgers University study from found that students with disabilities are successful in college in large part due to self-advocating, mentoring and perseverance.

Yet many new college students have just barely reached legal adulthood, and self-advocacy is as new to some of them as college life is to any freshman. Under the Individuals With Disabilities Education Act, students do not need to advocate for their needs in a K setting because schools must serve their educational needs.

In college, students suddenly need to manage their living arrangements as well as their educational needs, and having to fight for accommodation adds extra complication to an already difficult adjustment.

College also introduces new bureaucracies, and, often, larger staffs and faculties, which can be overwhelming for any student, regardless of ability.

The challenges wheelchair users face when visiting colleges (essay)

After I heard from the institutions that accepted me, I made a rule for myself: Whenever I could, I checked campus accessibility maps, shuttle schedules and other transportation services -- and even topographic gradients.I had some very interesting, embarrassing and informative incidents that helped me to understand the life on a wheelchair user.

I did not look forward to this assignment, because I had never been sitting in a wheelchair before and I did not know how to handle the situation. Essay about Wheelchair Industry across Top 5 European Countries. In most big cities, the main form of transport isn't totally available to wheelchair users.

London's underground, Paris' metro, and New York's subway all lack lifts in a huge number of stations, which makes commuting really difficult for anyone with limited mobility.

wheelchair Essay example - The Technological Environment Invacare Corporation is the leading manufacturer and distributor of non-acute health care products.

The company designs, manufactures and distributes an extensive line of health care products for the non-acute care environment, including the home health care, retail and extended care . I had some very interesting, embarrassing and informative incidents that helped me to understand the life on a wheelchair user.

I did not look forward to this assignment, because I had never been sitting in a wheelchair before and I did not know how to handle the situation. Essay about Wheelchair Industry across Top 5 European Countries. In push rims were added for propulsion, saw wire spoked wheels being adopted by wheelchairs, a 1 ¾ horsepower engine was attached to an invalid tricycle in , and in London produced the first motorized wheelchairs/5(2).

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Aelya. This puts every other article about the woes of TC writers to shame I've been a wheelchair user my whole life, and I agree that it's mindblowing how much your outlook and personality.

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