Regwrite autoit dword

It used to be quite tedious setting hotkeys to only work in your GUI.

Regwrite autoit dword

I made some alterations in the converter Changes The terms of verifications of types are toughened. Any quantity of "equal" characters in the names and in the values of any parameters are now correctly converted.

At difficult for converting combinations of characters in the names of such parameters, the warning is written in a resulting file.

In case of impossibility of transformation of any parameter from list of types supported by the converter in a resulting file the proper report is written with information about a line number of initial file that became a source of problem search strings beginnings with ; ERROR.

Work speed is considerably raised almost in 10 times! Added possibility of configuring by means of ini-file see comments in the crta. The command line switches have greater priority then ini-file parameters. As AutoIt is not able to do such things themselves - all similar lines will grow into the analogue of hex 7: Both variants are correct and properly recognized now by ConvRegToAu3.


It is done for optimization of resulting AutoIt-scripts by reducing the number of redundant actions in it. The command line parser is rewritten - the command line switches are now independent, also they can be used together for example:How to manipulate the local registry in VBScript.

I wrote a AutoIt program that use RegWrite to add several registry value. I tested it as 'Domain Admins' and it fail to write, I runned it as local 'Administrator' and the values where changed.

I tested my script on an other domain, and it worked as expected ('Domain Admins' can write). The magic key that you need to change is: EnableJavaUpdate=0.

If you’re going to use a GPP, I would say that you’re quite set now. Just add the registry information above to a GPP registry update policy. Jul 13,  · ConvRegToAu3 - Reg to Autoit converter Using AutoIt, i wrote a simple tool named ConvRegToAu3 for the conversion of reg-files in to the AutoIt-functions RegWrite and RegDelete.

regwrite autoit dword

Converter understands all types of parameters (known by AutoIt), supports the delete of branches and parameters (strings like [-branch] and "value"=-).

Jul 20,  · it is a DWORD.. so if that's the max value for a dword, how would i be able to write values that exceed that? If i use (which is the result of the above) instead of it return the correct value. So it looks like it only happens when using (FFFFFFFF).

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