Sem 1 mb0039 1 business communication

Q4 Explain the different types of meetings. Types of meetings 10 Answer:

Sem 1 mb0039 1 business communication

It refers to any way of conveying meanings without the use of verbal language. All of us tend to communicate silently and unknowingly send signals and messages by what we do, apart from what we say. Gestures, facial expressions, posture and the way we dress, are all part of non-verbal communication.

Aspects of non-verbal communication: Different body movements can express inner states of emotion. Facial Expressions can convey feelings of surprise, happiness, anger and sadness.

Sem 1 mb0039 1 business communication

Eye Movements, such as wide open pupils express feelings of surprise, excitement or even fear. Direct eye contact is an indication of intensity and interest, while lack of it can convey feelings of nervousness and guilt. Gestures, such as movement of the hands while giving a lecture or presentation indicates a high level of involvement in what you are saying.

Head Movements like nodding the head can convey interest, appreciation, agreement or understanding. For example, someone who is strong and muscular is generally thought to be athletic, as opposed to a person who is short and fat! Posture on the other hand is within our control.

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Physical Appearance — Our outward appearance, including the way we dress and the jewelry and make-up that we wear can convey an impression of formality or informality. Going to a job interview dressed in blue jeans or not sticking to a stipulated dress code at the workplace can convey that you are a rebel, non-conformist or a very casual person.

Therefore, it is important to take care of your appearance, so that you convey the right meaning to others. The space and distance which we choose to keep from people is also part of non-verbal communication. Each of us has our own inner and outer circles, which differ for different people.

These two spaces involve communication of an informal nature. Fixed space means that the physical features of the work environments such as furniture, room size and seating arrangement are permanent. Time Language This refers to the meaning or importance attached to time and varies between different people.

One person may value time more than another. Similarly, time language also varies across cultures. Arriving late for a business meeting is inexcusable. In othercultures, it is more relaxed and time is not given that much importance.

Sem 1 mb0039 1 business communication

We convey messages to others through the time we spend on a work related activity or by the importance that we give to time. Arriving early at work or for jobs interview shows interest, involvement and seriousness.

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Spending time with an employee and giving him suggestions on how to improve his performance shows interest and involvement in his career growth.

It refers to the tone of voice with which something is said. The tone of voice includes the pitch high or low pitchthe pace slow or fast the emphasis on words and the volume soft or loud and can convey different moods and emotions, as mentioned earlier in this unit.

The important point to keep in mind regarding tone of voice is to avoid mixed signals — that is, making sure that what you say is consistent with how you say it.Describe the classification of non-verbal communication. Question no. 2 Describe any situation in your own experience where the communication failed because the listening was faulty.

AUGUST Master of Business Administration (MBA) Semester – 1 MB–Business Communication- 4 Credits (Book ID: B) Assignment - Set- 1 Q.1 Explain the different types of communication with relevant examples.

For the past 33 years, I have looked in the mirror every morning and asked myself: 'If today were the last day of my life, would I want to do what I am about to do today?'.

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Explain the following: MB –Business Communication 1 What are the various types of communication?


Describe the classification of non-verbal communication. May 06,  · smu mba sem 1 the importance of effective communication in the the importance of effective communication in the workplace Communication is the nerve center of business today.

As you go up the corporate ladder, you will find that communication skills are required, more than technical skills. Communication.

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