Training and devolopment with reference to

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Training and devolopment with reference to

How to Write a Summary of an Article? She has been sincere, dedicated and her conduct throughout the study during the above period has been excellent. Internal project guide Head of the department Mrs. Saraswathi, Head of the Department, Dept. I wish to thank and H. D Department for providing this opportunity to do my project and for taking special care and interest in my project work in their esteemed organization.

I am grateful and thankful to for all the above for their support and kindness they offered during my term of the project. One of the major impacts on production is the human sector. It has been recognized as a principle instrument in the fulfillment of the targets of the plan and in the achievement of the economic progress generally.

Hence it is more the welfare of the employees and to prevent the main problems. Of which, I feel, managing men is critical and challenging task because of the dynamic nature of the people. No two persons are similar in their mental abilities, traditions, sentiments and behavior and are subject to many and varied influences, people are responsive, they feel, think and act and therefore they just cannot be operated like a machine or shifted and altered like a template in a room layout.

Human beings differ from one another in basic metal abilities, personality, interest, skills, attitudes, aspirations, energy, education, training, experience and behavior. Because of these varied traits human beings are complex in their behavior and in their psychological make-up and when they interact with one another in a group or an organization, this complexity is multiplied.

Along with the training and development of the employee by the organization affects the moral of the employee and productivity of the organization. In such situation the expectation of the employee, which are described in job Description should not be ignored. By the way of random method was conducted.

After identifying the research objectives the next step is to identify the methodology for data collection. For the successful completion of the project, the study is in need for both primary as well as secondary data.

In that sense respondents through questionnaire. The process of secondary data is also called desk research, which was collected and stored earlier.

Researches used structured undisguised question wise most of the questions were of simple and the respondents are free to express their ideas.

The duration of project was limited for only two months.

A PROJECT WORK ON TRAINING AND DEVOLOPMENT WITH REFERENCE TO “APCPDCL” The thesis report submitted on the partial fulfillment of the requirement for the award of MASTER OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION By HEMALATHA Y Reg. It is important to use an accredited training provider because it enables the SETA to establish that the training provider used is not a "FLY BY NIGHT" training provider but instead it is a recognized training provider, with recognized standards. University/School systems – Vocationalisation of education through specific training programs, evolution of credit framework, entrepreneur development, etc. Non-profit organizations – Capacity building of marginalized and special groups, development of livelihood, self .

It generates Power from different sources such as Water, Coal, etc. Limited, Hyderabad which came into being on 1st April as a sequel to the A. Electricity Reforms Act, with an objective of Electricity to the people at an affordable price.

Sub-stations, 1, Nos.


The philosophy of APCPDCL is to continuously striving to enhance is performance emerged stronger by the day to offer its customers the best and value for money. The company is managed by a Board of Directors consisting of the following members. It is expected that all the above measures on the generation, transmission and distribution front would result in formation of a robust electricity grid in the country.

Training is concerned with imparting and developing specific skills for a particular purpose. Training encompasses activities ranging from the acquisition of a single motor skill up to the development of a complex technical knowledge inculcation of elaborate administrative skills and the development of favorable attitudes towards the organization.

Training is a learning experience in that it seeks relative permanent change in an individual that will improve his ability to perform the job. It involves change of skills, knowledge, attitudes and social behavior.

Training and devolopment with reference to

Training is activity leading to skilled behavior. Training is about the acquisition of knowledge, skills, and abilities KSA through professional development. Its purpose, in the work situation, is to develop the ability of the individual and to satisfy the current and future needs of the organization.

Man power services commission The purpose of teaching new employees the basic sills need to perform their jobs.

Wayne Cascio, Training is an art of increasing the knowledge and skills of an employee for doing a particular work.University/School systems – Vocationalisation of education through specific training programs, evolution of credit framework, entrepreneur development, etc.

Non-profit organizations – Capacity building of marginalized and special groups, development of livelihood, self . And of course, educators and almost all socio-economic planners are convinced that the best way to improve the population is through various forms of education and training Those who think of education as crucial to development also draw inspiration from the modernization theory.

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Over participants discussed the future of vocational education and training (VET) at a conference organised jointly by Cedefop and the European Commission as the centrepiece of the European vocational skills week on 7 and 8 November in Vienna.

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Training and Development Reference Materials Overview In addition to the training statute (5 U.S.C. Chapter 41, Training) and regulations (5 CFR , Training & 5 CFR , Supervisory, Managerial, and Executive Development), we also provide guidance through training fact sheets, memoranda and publications.

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