Use and develop system that promote

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Use and develop system that promote

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. It is how we say things and what we understand from what is said to us. Communication comes in different forms, including verbal, written word, lip reading, sign language and even body language.

As a Domiciliary Care Manager it is part of my job role to be able to communicate with a variety of groups and individuals ranging from service users, their families and staff to health professionals, social services and CQC.

Everybody has the right to choose their preferred method of communication, as communication is a basic human right, without it an individual will not be able to exercise their rights, choices, or wishes. Effective communication is paramount to enable us to support an individual with their daily living outcomes.

It empowers individuals by allowing them to express their needs, worries, and wishes. Service users need to maintain their dignity and sense of identity while receiving care.

Use and develop systems that promote communication Essay Sample

This can only be achieved if they have the opportunity to express their wishes and to be understood by their carers. Dementia, elderly, physical disabilities and stroke are the main groups of people that our agency supports at present. Listed below are some groups of people who may have communication issues that Cambridgeshire Homecare may support.

Dementia can be permanent or progressive depending on the type of dementia the person has. It occurs following changes to the brain in which cells gradually stop working leading to a gradual deterioration in abilities. This can cause many communication problems ranging the person forgetting simple words to a severe breakdown in both understanding and expression.

Hearing loss affects people of all ages, but the problem is more common among the elderly. Hearing loss refers to reduced hearing, which can be caused by a variety of factors.

It is different from deafness, which is present from birth and may be caused by genetic factors.

Use and develop system that promote

Reduced hearing affects a person in many ways, including their education and job opportunities, social life and confidence. Many people with hearing loss experience a drop in self-esteem and confidence because of their impaired ability to communicate with other people.

The majority of people who have motor damage may have mild to serious communication difficulties.

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When muscle function is impaired, speech may be accompanied by facial distortion, dribbling, and random body movements. The physical tension associated with speaking and the difficulty in being understood, often cause those with disabilities from attempting to communicate.

Only a small amount of what we communicate is verbal the rest is non verbal. How we stand, hand gestures, body language, head nodding, facial expressions are all types of non verbal communication. These types of non-verbal messages may be lost or misunderstood by people with poor vision.

Many people have communication problems after a stroke. About a third of stroke survivors have some difficulty with speaking or understanding what others say, and this can be frightening and frustrating. A stroke can affect communication in different ways.

Aphasia — Aphasia sometimes called dysphasia is the name for the most common language disorder caused by stroke. Aphasia can affect how you speak, your ability to understand what is being said, and your reading or writing skills.

Dysarthria — Dysarthria happens when a stroke causes weakness of the muscles you use to speak. This may affect the muscles you use to move your tongue, lips or mouth, control your breathing when you speak or produce your voice.

Dyspraxia — Dyspraxia is a condition that affects movement and coordination. Dyspraxia of speech happens when you cannot move muscles in the correct order and sequence to make the sounds needed for clear speech Learning Disabilities: People with serious learning disabilities can definitely have difficulties with communication.

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A common type of learning problem is an expressive language disorder. Within my job role as a Manager of a domiciliary care agency it is important to have good communication skills to develop positive relationships with the service users to enable an effective needs assessment, risk assessment and complex care plan that is suited fully to the service users needs and wishes.a simple system to convert leads, prospects, and referrals into long term paying clients without selling.

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Use and Develop Systems that Promote Communication Essay Sample

MediaSignage is the first company to offer advanced Digital Signage for FREE. Use and develop system that promote communication On a daily basis within my current role I maintain a high level of communication in various ways with residents and their families, medical practitioners, colleagues internal staff, other professionals, and external agencies e.

t. c. An email system linked to partners would be more beneficial, as would limited access to medical records for an individual in care, that may come from hospital with no specific details.

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