Writing a novel from personal experience

Subscribe to our FREE email newsletter and download free character development worksheets! Make sure to submit your finished short story to our 87th Annual Writing Competition. Cleanse Your Palate Writing a short story is a different experience from weaving the dense fabric of a novel, and it exercises different muscles.

Writing a novel from personal experience

My Experience with Writing: Consultant My Experience with Writing: Struggles turn into lessons learned and lessons learned lead to major victories. One of the hardest things I have come to realize is I am a writer. You see, growing up I loved math and science. I constantly got lost outside playing with worms, bugs, and anything I could pull apart to figure out how it worked.

From an early age I knew I wanted to become a scientist.

writing a novel from personal experience

I was an active kid who rarely ever sat down with a book — yet alone paper and pencil. Sure, my mom tried to get me to sit still and write and practice spelling, but I preferred complicated math problems and exploring the earth. Unfortunately, my struggles to sit still and write as a little kid carried over into adulthood.

I suppose my life has turned out the way I imagined. I am working on PhD at one of the top research institutions in the U. Yet, on a daily basis I am expected to write?!

writing a novel from personal experience

I fought this idea for a few months pretending I could get by working in the lab and solving complicated math problems. I never enjoyed writing, never thought I was good at it, and have basically tired to avoid it at all costs.

However, that blissful ignorance could not and did not last forever. I was fortunate enough to have mentors who took the time to explain to me how important writing was to my scientific career.

If I want to be good at science, I must be good at writing. It took some time to accept this reality. It is true that the sweetest victories come out of struggles, and victories in writing are no different. For instance, receiving grant funding or publishing a paper are examples of victories in writing.

Grants and published papers are validation to a scientist that they are on the right track and advancing their careers. Career advancement in science comes from doing good science, but more importantly, it is a result of good writing.

A Few Words to Get You Started

The importance of writing in science finally clicked around year 2 of my PhD program. When one accomplishes these goals it makes all the staring at a blank computer screen and doubtful writing moments worth it. First and foremost, practice writing.Maybe you’re not writing about Grandma after all, but about the narrator’s unwillingness to view her father’s sorrow there in the hall.

All these suggestions add up to one important point. When you rely on personal experience as a starting point for fiction, remember to be faithful to the truth and not the facts. Return to Targeting Topical Markets · Print/Mobile-Friendly Version.

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While I was editor of a national pet magazine, my desk was swamped with "personal experience" articles -- accounts of some funny, moving, or tragic event in the author's life. Writing Exercises. I am a veteran teacher of writing from university level to little kids. I offer these writing exercises in the spirit of the Internet as a place for (as well as commerce and publicity!) a community of sharing and exchange.

The Online Writing Lab (OWL) at Purdue University houses writing resources and instructional material, and we provide these as a free service of the Writing Lab at Purdue. Thus I have confidence in writing and I canexpress myself more than before.

Writing (and Selling) Personal Experience Articles

One day if I become a teacher I will do my best to makewriting something my students find enjoyable and fun compared to boring and tedious. The first novel is definitely the hardest! You think you have internalized how a story works as a reader and then you discover there is so much more to learn.

In this article, Natasa Lekic from New York Book Editors takes us through five problems that are common in first novels and how to avoid them. The experience of writing your first draft can be a roller coaster.

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